Meet Sharon Bartels

President, Gwinnett Technical College

The Story:
Sharon Bartels is responsible for one of the largest technical colleges in the state, and served 11,000 college credit students and 23,000 total students last year. Under her tenure, the campus has grown to encompass seven buildings and off-site locations. Gwinnett Tech is a key contributor to economic prosperity and workforce development.

How I Got Here:
In some ways, I think it was in my gene pool – I also always loved the pace of business organizations. I have a unique opportunity to align education and business, and just love the challenge of doing so.

What I Do for Fun:
Well, the weekends almost always revolve around family and my extended family now is huge! I calculated the other day that I have loved ones in every decade except the 80′s…from four-year-old grandtwins to my much loved parents.

My Big Dream:
To make a difference and to have fun along the way. This job allows me to feel good at the beginning and the end of every day. We are helping more people in a more targeted way than at any time in our history.

What’s Next For Me:
I never have scripted what the future will look like for me. If I had written a long-range plan for myself when I graduated from college, it would look nothing like what I’ve done. And what I’ve done has been perfect!

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