Meet Sean VanMeter

Pianist, Sean VanMeter

The Story
Juggling homework, band practice, and time with friends can be tough for any 11 year old, but Sean VanMeter manages it while also building a career as an entertainer. This talented and
accomplished pianist, who lives in Jackson County, recently released his debut CD, and is recording tracks for the next CD between a full schedule of live performances.

How I Got Here:
Under the tutelage of  Lee Davis of Maysville, I began studying piano at the age of six. My love of music and my friendship with Mr. Lee has helped me to stay focused and dedicated to the long hours of practice.

What I Do for Fun:
My favorite activity is playing music with other young artists I have met at Camp Amped, a rock band camp sponsored by Nuci’s Space. I also enjoy swimming, baseball and watching the owls in the big oak in the back yard.

My Big Dream:
The idea of playing Carnegie Hall where Vladimir Horowitz once played is a dream of mine. I would also like to share the stage with Sir Elton John, hopefully playing songs we have penned together.

What’s Next For Me:
My next great adventure begins with sixth grade at St. Joseph Catholic School in Athens. Along with school, I have pending engagements in Russia, Mexico, Missouri, the Georgia
Music Hall of Fame, and the Cherry Blossom Festival.

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