Meet Lissa Versteegh

President, Georgia Sales Development, Sandler Training

The Story:
Lissa is President of Georgia Sales Development, Inc./Sandler Training. She works with companies and individuals to help them develop an efficient and effective system for both sales and sales management that is consultative in nature and heavily based on psychological principles. Her clients rave over their results!

How I Got Here:
I spent 20 years in corporate America before starting my family. New priorities meant realigning work-life balance. Today I spend my time helping clients achieve their business goals, which is my passion.

What I Do for Fun
If you talk with me for very long, it becomes apparent that my husband and son are the center of my world. The three of us enjoy the lake, working in the yard and the never ending construction projects around the house.

My Big Dream
I am passionate about helping my clients achieve their goals and dreams. Having clients whose businesses have succeeded well beyond their expectations is expected. When clients say Sandler changed their lives, better still!

What’s Next For Me:
Try to get me to give you a date for when I will slow down, much less retire. Good luck! This Sandler guru expects to continue helping my clients grow their companies for many years to come.

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