Meet Lee Davis

Owner, Lee Davis Music

The Story:
Lee Davis is a classically trained pianist/record producer/author based in Maysville, Georgia, a small town just north of Atlanta. His focus has always been on the independent music scene, and now that the industry is headed more in that direction, he is poised to be one of the go-to guys for complete artist development packages.

How I Got Here
A slow journey from working musician to engineer/producer to studio and record label owner. There are so many facets to making an artist happen, and it takes a team of great people. Finding the great people is the key.

What I Do for Fun:
Working with talented artists in the studio and helping them achieve their ultimate creative vision. Of course, traveling around the world playing music and seeing new faces and places is also a blast. Golf on a good day.

My Big Dream
I’d like to see major market radio become a little more receptive to the plight of the independent artist. I would also like to see more of a total music business community in the state of Georgia, something like Texas has.

What’s Next For Me
I’ll be splitting time between touring with Corey Smith and running my own studio and production company.

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