Meet James Sanford

President, E-Tech Software, Inc.

The Story:
For over 20 years, James Sanford has advised business owners, senior executives and entrepreneurs on the key technology decisions that affect their businesses. Founded in 1998, e-Tech Software helps small business owners leverage their technology investment so that their teams become more efficient.

How I Got Here:
Forming the right relationships, working extremely hard, and helping the people I work with get what they want. I’ve always been willing to take a risk and see the end result of what I’ve wanted to accomplish.

What I Do for Fun
Anything that involves learning something new or spending time with my family. We enjoy traveling, so that gives us an excellent opportunity to spend quality time together and learn about new cultures and each other.

My Big Dream:
My dream is multi-faceted: I envision building a consulting practice that helps myself, my family and my team members enhance their lives while delivering stellar solutions to our customers.

What’s Next For Me:
Expand e-Tech into more cities in the southeast region so that we can continue helping business owners realize what hassle-free technology solutions can do for their businesses.

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