Meet Herman Pennamon

Community Relations Manager           Georgia Power Company

The Story:
Herman Pennamon, Jr. is community relations manager for Georgia Power. He has held positions including customer service manager, state lobbyist, economic development project manager and EEO manager, to name a few. A graduate of Georgia State, Pennamon serves on numerous civic and community boards.

How I Got Here:
Whatever I have accomplished, I have accomplished through the help of others. I realize that you are only as good as people allow you to be.

What I Do for Fun:
I like being blessed with the health and strength to see another day.  I enjoy helping others achieve their dreams.

My Big Dream:
I dream of the time when we rekindle pride and respect for community and country, when we can come together as a people to accept and embrace our diversity, and when we all are called Americans.

What’s Next For Me:
To do whatever the community will allow me to do to make a positive contribution to our county.

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