Meet Donna Peeples

Chief Marketing Officer and Vice President, Corporate Communications, AGL Resources

The Story:
Donna N. Peeples brings more than 20 years of industry experience to AGL Resources and Atlanta Gas Light. She coordinates brand and product development, strategic growth, and communications strategy. Her focus blends business strategy with creativity, touching the heart and moving the mind to achieve objectives.

How I Got Here:

I began as a receptionist, which shows AGL’s commitment to employees. My career includes Atlanta Gas Light and four other energy companies and founding the Council for Responsible Energy promoting benefits of natural gas.

What I Do For Fun:

I enjoy my family and gardening, combining these by tending my family’s vinifera vines and making wine that is my family’s vintage. What one might not know is that I once had a successful country music career.

My Big Dream:
My dream is that government, business leaders and consumers will embrace the vital role that domestically abundant, environmentally friendly natural gas can and should play in the nation’s energy policy.

What’s Next For Me:
I’m constantly seeking out and developing innovative opportunities for AGL Resources to grow its business and provide excellent customer service while promoting the environmental benefits of natural gas.

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