Meet David McCulloch

Vice President of Economic Development, Gwinnett Technical College

The Story:
David McCulloch serves as vice president of economic development for Gwinnett Tech, one of the largest technical colleges in Georgia. He sees lifelong learning and job training as not only the key to personal development, but also as the key to future growth and continued success for Gwinnett County.

How I Got Here:
I credit my success to tremendous support from family and close friends, to caring mentors who’d routinely tormented me out of complacency, and to leaders who saw and developed things in me that I never thought I had.

What I Do For Fun:
I hang out with my wife, Gina, at the High Museum on Jazz Fridays, at the Aurora Theater (great job, Tony!) and in the yard planting flowers. Gina says he’s the best plant-hole digger in the whole county!

My Big Dream:
My big dream is to one day help establish and provide technical education in developing countries that are in dire need of growing a well-trained, sustainable workforce to move them toward self-sufficiency.

What’s Next For Me:
I seek to continue to provide educational opportunities to all citizens in Gwinnett and prepare them for successful employment in the businesses and industries that make our county one of the best places to live.

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