Meet Tina Heil

Owner/Dentist, Suwanee Family Dentistry

My Story:
Tina built her practice by going beyond simply taking care of her patients’ teeth. From the start she focused on creating a top notch team focused on excellent patient care and customer service. By taking the time to educate and make her patients comfortable, Tina has earned their loyalty and referrals.

How I Got Here:
Many people ask Tina why she switched from mechanical engineering to dentistry. Tina still does plenty of engineering every day, especially with technology such as lasers and CAD/CAM restorations manufactured in her office.

What I Do For Fun:
Outside the office, Tina enjoys traveling, hiking, sports and spending time with her family and pets. She is also a flight instructor and enjoys helping people who may have never flown before become private pilots.

My Big Dream:
Tina feels like she is living her dream and likes to see others live theirs as well. Taking young people flying is one way she does that. Tina is also involved in teaching and helping others begin new careers in dentistry.

What’s Next For Me:
In her quest for continuous improvement, Tina is pursuing Mastership in the Academy of General Dentistry, which covers new technology, techniques and health research that brings more value to the patient experience.

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