Meet Frank Circelli, G.G.

Frank Circelli, G.G.
Founder & President
Gem Shopping Network, Inc.

3259 Duluth Highway 120
Duluth, GA 30096

Phone: 770-622-5505
Fax: 770-622-5503

The Story:
Frank Circelli’s passion for colored gemstones started as a child with a love for minerals, fossils and natural sciences. As an innovator in the field of gemology, Circelli launched the first and original colored gemstone show on television, "Gemstones with Frank," more than 20 years ago. Today, Gem Shopping Network reaches more than 30 million households with its exquisite, unique merchandise.

My Idea Of Fun:
My idea of fun is spending quality time with my two beautiful daughters. Outside of that, I love golf, traveling, deep sea fishing and, of course, educating the public on the vast world of gemology.

How I Got Here:
It has been a long road filled with grueling hours of work, plenty of personal sacrifices and heartaches, and unmatchable efforts from a fantastic team of people.

Things I Tell Myself:
Stay humble and true to what you know to be right, and take care of your customers by telling them the truth and by providing them the most unbelievable merchandise in the world.

What I’d Most Like To See:
I?d like to see America return to the ideals it was founded upon and witness a resurgence of good, honest entrepreneurialism.

What’s Next For Me:
Getting situated in our new 40,000-square-foot facility and welcoming all of the new found opportunities that come with it.

Sharing the ?World?s Best Investment?
It was early in the infancy of television shopping in 1997 when Frank Circelli went on the air one Saturday afternoon at 2 p.m. to ?sell some stones and answer some questions.? Fifteen hours later, the phones were still exploding and Circelli had unknowingly set the record for the longest, single program with a single host in history.

"Gemstones with Frank? was the first and original colored gemstone shopping show in the world. ?There was no cable, so we were reaching mostly rural audiences through those huge satellite dishes,? recalls Circelli. ?The network had a coin show and a baseball card show. When I went on the air with the gem show, we bled over into the baseball show and then into the coin show.?

?We?re an honest, educationally-based company. We want the public to get a good, fair shake on both rare collectables and our made pieces.? -
Frank Circelli, Founder.
Gem Shopping Network

That record still stands today, says Circelli, but virtually all else about his business has changed. What started as a weekend hobby for Circelli ? a way to combine his television background with a love of gems and collecting ? is now the Gem Shopping Network, the country?s fourth largest home shopping network.

Based here in Gwinnett, Gem Shopping now reaches 30 million households, employees more than 160 and will move into a new 40,000-square-foot facility this month. The network is on the air 24/7 now, and streams the show live on its web site as well, offering merchandise from $25 to $250,000. They are the first and only network to employ a full-service, in-house jewelry manufacturing operation, award-winning gemstone cutters and a staff of graduate gemologists.

Circelli founded Gem Shopping Network in 1997. As a child, he was fascinated by rocks and fossils, and eventually gem stones. A graduate gemologist himself, he?s ?blessed that my hobby became my business.?

Gem Shopping Network?s ?public? includes a host of celebrities, in addition to more low-key shoppers. ?We supply pieces for the Emmys and the Grammys.? The company?s sponsorship of the Bel Air Film Festival also puts

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